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By Drew Finerty

At Colwood Shores Financial, we like to think that we do business a little differently. With us, there is no hierarchy, no bosses, no under (or over) paid labourer’s, only mentors and developing professionals. Each Advisor is an independent entrepreneur, coming together to create a team that works for the benefit of our Clients. We all bring different experiences from life and our careers, adding to the chemistry that makes it all work. We each service our own client base, but we also collaborate to provide holistic value to the firm and the people we serve. We all share in the non-client duties to keep the ship in shape, so to speak.

Team building is something I have done my entire career, beginning at age 14 with my first coaching role, leading a team of 7-year-old soccer players. My personal philosophy has always leaned toward building a team that shared common goals, utilized every player’s individual creativity & skills, and executed a game plan for team success. Winning is always more satisfying than losing, but I have always considered losing as the tuition for success. Without challenges and hardships, the glory of reaching the pinnacle of winning is not as rewarding. Every team needs direction, a coach or mentor, role players, and clear goals and objectives. That’s not enough though. Training and education are also critically important to the overall success of a team.

For me, building Colwood Shores Financial has been no different. Offer leadership, attract & recruit quality, like-minded individuals willing to do what is best for the team, and, create an environment that allows and encourages the team and its individuals to flourish. Sharing experience, providing training and an expectation of continued personal learning & growth are hallmarks of a great team/firm. Bring in great people and get out of their way; but be available to support their challenges and reward their successes. When we are allowed to fail and succeed, we become professional. All it takes is commitment and many, many hours of practice.

So, who are the professionals thus far at CSF? Although we consider our practice a family operated firm, our family is quite extensive and inclusive. For those that don’t technically have Finerty blood in their veins, they are quality people and we consider them family. While the firm is operated by myself and my wife Shelley, we are fortunate that our son Dustin, and daughter Jill will extend the legacy in different roles and, we are also proud to include our colleague Jennifer as part of the family. Established in 2018, CSF will continue to grow over the generations to include other potential family members & “cousins” that share our core values and have the same passion to help our clients achieve financial security. As the saying goes.…” Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither will Colwood Shores.

Let’s introduce our Team:

Drew Finerty (Financial Advisor) - Drew started in the investment industry in 1990 and has seen it all. In a perfect world, clients would earn a 10% return every year within their portfolios, without any risk or volatility. Thankfully, we don’t live in a perfect world and we have the opportunity to live in a time that has experienced incredible change, creating along with this, the challenges and rewards that make our lives so fulfilling. The financial world is no different and has been impacted with every ripple in the changing landscapes that have come our way. This has created demand for Advisors. Professionals dedicated to helping Canadians mire their way through economic and financial issues, that for many generations were not taught in the school system or discussed at home inside the family dynamic. “My ultimate goal is to provide timely, reliable, and trust-worth advice to clients by sharing my experience and those of the great Portfolio Managers that steward our Client’s hard-earned investments. This industry is complex and impersonal, so I take great pride in helping my clients to understand the challenges, treat everyone as family and ensure they can sleep at night, knowing they are in great hands with their portfolio. If I can keep it light, friendly, and entertaining, all the better!”

Shelley Finerty* (Career & Business Design Consultant) - Shelley has enjoyed a holistic, diversified and customer-first career. After a long career in IT as a Business Analyst, operating a Web & Marketing Studio, she now spends her time re-educating herself towards certification as a Career & Business Design Consultant…and offers that helpful service to our company. She understands how employers and employees are designed to fit together to achieve the greatest productivity by helping each individual bring their unique skillset and career design into a team, so the firm benefits and the employee loves what they do. By re-positioning employees to their greatest strengths, companies get more results, less absenteeism, a great work environment and high morale in the workplace. Her love of learning, health, and project management drives her energy to achieve great results. “I’ve always believed in the potential of every human being especially when we pull our strengths together towards a common goal. When I see people struggling with frustrating circumstances, I want to help them see the greatness in them. My goal is always to move individuals, a team or group towards more harmony and the sweet spot of consistent, repeatable success. In other words, help them get out of their own way.”

Jennifer Frederiksen-Brown (Financial Advisor) …Jennifer and Drew were Colleagues at the Credit Union they worked at for many years. Her 27 years of industry experience provides the firm with a resource that is so helpful to our clients, when it comes to estate settlements and the little known or utilized Government sponsored plans like Registered Disability (RDSP) and Registered Education (RESP) saving plans. The kind of person that is always ready to find solutions for her clients, she has a strong passion for learning and developing her knowledge & skills to broaden her Client services strengths. She has a keen awareness of how under-protected Canadians are when it comes to ensuring their family security and works hard to educate our clients to avoid income/asset disruption due to premature death, illness & disability. Jennifer sees the Small Business and group opportunities as an under-served market she can provide value and help to educate new clients. She is the one that is always looking to find a better way to offer more solutions for the team…and our clients.

Dustin Finerty (Administration & Communications Director) - Dustin is currently working towards completing his Investment Funds in Canada course and also takes care of our office administration and communications including the company website and social media channels. He has a diversified background with previous experience in Sports Management, Media, Communications, Marketing, Banking, and Real Estate. Dustin enjoys reading, writing, and creating to bring more insight to the firm. Once he completes the Investment Funds in Canada course, he plans to become a Financial Advisor and is interested in helping clients create generational wealth.

Jill* (Project Management) - Jill is currently on hiatus but has also worked in a Credit Union, has completed her Canadian Securities Course, and has lots of experience in Creative Design & Marketing. She is a master at taking on short-term projects, running an office and supporting a team with her exceptional admin skills. She has worked in the family business since she was a teenager and has kept Drew organized for many years, with her knowledge of computer programs & compliance issues. Jill is the “Radar” in the firm, knowing what needs to be done, before it becomes an issue. I still pick her brain whenever I get the opportunity.

What’s next? The plan at Colwood Shores Financial is to continue to grow and add great people to our team in order to help more Clients “learn to save, pay less taxes, plan for education & retirement…and protect their estate”. We know the financial industry presents barriers for many people and we hope that through our passion and energy, we can help those who want to improve their financial health become more educated, secure, and comfortable with their money to achieve their short, medium & long term goals. Check out our website for more information at:

*This individual is not registered in any capacity with Worldsource Financial Management Inc. (WFM). WFM is responsible for mutual fund-related business activities conducted by its Registrants, and is not responsible for the business activities of other related or unrelated individuals and/or organizations.


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