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At Colwood Shores, Financial Advice is the foundation of our business. In today’s global economy, making financial decisions has become the greatest challenge for many Canadians. Our DNA is rooted in assisting you to make informed, intelligent, and timely decisions to protect and build your net worth. 

Many factors come into play when clients are deciding where and how to invest their hard-earned savings. World financial markets, low interest rates, technology, energy choices, emerging markets, health issues, aging populations, retirement concerns, taxation, estate considerations, market volatility, government policies, monetary policies and others create a confusing time for the average Canadian. 

When you work with our team, we take the time to learn about your history, risk tolerances, financial objectives and time horizons to help you to make decisions and build a custom portfolio just for you, so you can sleep well at night.


Our many years of experience and knowledge of the financial industry prepare our clients to protect their capital, grow their assets, derive an income and take advantage of market opportunities over the short to long term. 


At some point, we all retire to some degree. Whether your golden years are a long time away, or already in place, we help you to build the most appropriate portfolio to ensure you don’t outlive your assets. 

We spend the time to find out what your incomes and expenses are, how your assets are positioned to provide/supplement any pensions you may have, either from your employer or the Government. We look at your tax position, your time horizon for other retirement goals such as travel, education for the grandkids, vehicle replacement, a legacy investment, or whatever else you may want to accomplish in your later years. 

Our team can take the long view if you are still working or the short term if you are already retired. Inflation plays a big role in how your capital grows and can eat away at your wealth so it is very important to evaluate this risk. Typically, your portfolio design is more aggressive in your earning years and more conservative in your later years. What is your right balance? We can help you with that. 


An element of our service is to provide a check up with one of our Advisors to ensure your estate is protected from risk and probate. Many Canadians are not aware of how to assign Beneficiaries/Successors to their assets, prepare a Will & POA, and protect their wealth. We work with you as well as other professionals in our community to support you and your family's financial well-being.

Do you know your Marginal Tax Rate (MTR), your Average Tax Rate (ATR) or how that plays into your income, assets and your tax bill? One of our passions is to ensure our clients pay the least amount of taxes legally possible at every stage in life.


Holding different types of assets create different types of taxation, either annually or on a deferred basis and we can help you find the right vehicle for the amount of tax you are comfortable with. Saving taxes allow you to save & compound more money in your RRSP’S, TFSA’s and/or life insurance premiums. Ask us how! 


You have worked long and hard to build your family’s wealth; protecting it from risk is very important to you and your loved ones. Disaster can strike at any age, so a discussion with our team will help you assess your personal risk. Whether it means protecting your income, health or your life, we can properly assess your personal situation and find solutions that work for you and your family. 

Many Canadians insure their property, real estate, vehicles and even pets, but a very large percentage of us still don’t have any protection for loss of income, a risk that could change your life. Families with young children or high mortgages are at risk of financial ruin if something should happen to your income by way of illness, disability or an unexpected death. 

Protecting your estate at the end of life is of great importance to families with large assets like RRIF’s, property, businesses and investments. An hour of your time could make the difference between a smooth transition or a dramatic change in lifestyle for your loved ones. 

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